rent A robot : Rent the Future

rent A robot can be understood as a Forum research in the wide field of artificial intelligence

It’s our aim to provide the public with the newest results of research and invesitgations in the scientific field of robotic. We offer you a diversified field of services.

Are you looking for a special attraction for your next public relation event? For a trade fair? For an exhibition or for a personal occasion?

We fulfill nearly all your needs relating to that:

robotic and automated objects to be rent
collateral lecture to various subjects relating to your event
Development and production of an automated object based on your datas
an individually prepared cutting-edge performance that will last in good memory of your guests and clients


Are you a member of an innovative crew of research that wants to publish your investigation?

Contact us to talk for next steps. We offer you

the occasion to showcase your robotic and automated objects to interested people on behalf of rent
a platform to put up for rent your robot so you can reinvest that money in new research and development
an efficacious presentation of your research to the broad public

Rent A Robot : rent the future

In cooperation of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and of the University of Zurich.